Monday, May 22, 2006

Linda Delene Resigns

Linda Delene, the Provost of Western Michigan University, has resigned. This apparently stems from the mishandling of the graduate program cuts. The Gazette provides the details:

"There was no reason given for the resignation, which is effective Monday, and the Gazette was unable to reach Delene for comment Friday.

But her resignation comes a day after the faculty union passed a resolution to have the no-confidence vote, in part because of how Delene handled a graduate-degree review, according to a union official.

The results of the review were released to faculty on May 11.

Some professors were galled that certain graduate programs were cut without specific explanation and initially without an appeals process.

Bailey announced Thursday that she reversed that decision and will allow for appeals.

But union spokesman Alan Rea said Friday that the discord also goes deeper than the graduate-program issue. He declined to explain, however, and said he didn't want to now, particularly in light of the resignation."

Delene has been Judy Bailey's right-hand woman, and as such I'm glad to see her go. She was directly involved in the medallion program fiasco. The faculty has been upset with both her and Bailey for some time. Now if only Bailey would resign we'd really be getting somewhere.

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