Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Moment of Truth

The moment of truth is nearly upon us. Will our elected leaders choose to secure America from the illegal immigrant invasion or will they abolish our national sovereignty, and with it our security, freedom, and way of life?

Recently, the President made a prime-time speech on behalf of his amnesty plan. Warren Mass dissects the speech. Mac Johnson writes that the government refuses to enforce our immigration laws. Ann Coulter dissects many myths about immigration in the speech.

What is being proposed is literally the end of America. A bill in the Senate would allow up to 200 million immigrants to come to this country legally, says William Jasper. Robert Rector estimates that more than 100 million people could immigrate to the US. (A recent amendment has slightly changed these calculations.)

Amnesty would be devastating to our country. Kurt Williamson writes that amnesty would cost us billions and make us vulnerable to terrorism.

Illegal aliens have flooded the streets in opposition to securing our borders and protecting our interests. These protests were hardly spontaneous. They were planned and organized by a variety of communist groups, primarily the Workers World Party through its front group International ANSWER, writes William Jasper. The choice of the communist holiday of Mayday was no accident. These groups have the goal of undermining and destroying America.

Many illegals believe in Reconquista, the idea that the American Southwest belongs to Mexico and should be taken back. Michelle Malkin finds proof in the Mayday rallies.

The American people are demanding that our borders be protected, writes John Leo. However, elites in America, Canada, and Mexico continue to push for merging the three nations into one North American Union, under the aegis of the Security and Prosperity Partnership. Jerome Corsi provides the details.

Please read the articles that this post links to. The future of our country is at stake.

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