Sunday, December 29, 2013

Michigan GOP on Christmas

The last couple years, this blog has cataloged what greetings local Republicans use at Christmas.

GOP Leaders: Merry Christmas Happy Holidays!
GOP War on Christmas?

This year's results seem slightly better than last year's.

Rick Snyder: "Happy Holidays"
Brian Calley: "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays"
Bobby Schotak: "Happy Holidays"
Saul Anuzis: "Merry Christmas"
Bill Scheutte: "Merry Christmas"
Senator Tonya Schuitmaker: "May the joy of the Holiday Season and the blessings of Christmas..."
Speaker Jase Bolger: "Merry Christmas"
Aric Nesbitt: "Merry Christmas"
Kalamazoo GOP: "Merry Christmas"
Todd Courser: "Merry Christmas"
Ron Weiser: "Merry Christmas"

Please post any additional data you have in the comments.

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