Sunday, December 29, 2013

Conservative of the Year: Jeff Sessions

2013 was a year for conservatives to push back against the left.  After the depression following Obama's reelection, the left foolishly pushed for gun control.  Conservatives led by Ted Cruz and Rand Paul led the resistance to the plan, which quickly died in the senate.  Some bills did pass in individual states, but recalls in Colorado pushed back strongly against this.

Senator Cruz also led the resistance to Obamacare.  He led a filibuster in the Senate and encouraged demands for its repeal which led to a temporary government shutdown whose merits are still being debated.  But no conservative can claim credit for the spectacular failure of Obamacare, whose failure has been more dramatic than conservatives dared hope.

But conservatives' biggest defensive victory was the failure of amnesty (comprehensive immigration reform) in Congress despite much hype and pressure by the left.  The chief opponent of amnesty in the Senate was Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama.  He fought tirelessly against the awful Senate bill, while many other conservative lawmakers preferred to avoid the issue.  Sessions deserves our thanks for leading the fight against this terrible bill.  That makes him this blog's conservative of the year.

Previous winners (including retroactive):
2012: Ted Cruz
2011: Scott Walker
2010: Jim DeMint
2009: Glenn Beck
2008: Sarah Palin
2007: Ron Paul
2006: Jerome Corsi
2005: Tom Tancredo
2004: John O'Neill
2003: Roy Moore
2002: John Ashcroft
2001: George W. Bush
2000: William Rehnquist

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