Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: The Year at Western

2013 was a fairly quiet year at Western, though there were a few significant controversies. Progress continued toward establishing a new medical school in downtown Kalamazoo.

Jack McHugh argued that Western could be damaged by the bursting of the college bubble.

One major battle was over Right to Work.  The Mackinac Center exposed an effort by WMU-AAUP to thwart right to work. The WMU-AAUP went forward with this effort. However, the administration didn't go along with it. They did approve a contract with part-timers to avoid Right to Work for three years.

The Western Herald sought subsidies through mandatory student fees. There was also an effort to raise fees for an aviation shuttle. Both were approved by small absolute numbers of students.

Governor Snyder appointed two new trustees, one of whom had never even been to Kalamazoo. There was controversy over a plan for a new Valley dining hall, which was eventually scrapped. This blog noted a likely reason that minority enrollment grew at WMU.

There was a major controversy over a supposed pay gap between male and female faculty. This led to wailing and gnashing of teeth. Eventually, WMU-AAUP voted to censure the Provost. Recalculated salary adjustments were eventually issued.

The Gazette discussed whether affiliation with Cooley Law School would be good for Western. Western voted to ban all smoking on campus.

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