Monday, November 04, 2013

Upton for Amnesty, Again

The stupid party strikes again.

Congressman Fred Upton says he will be part of 'bipartisan effort' to pass immigration reform this fall
A bipartisan approach has more chance of success than trying to persuade hard-liners in the Republican caucus, he said.  
"There are people that will never be a yes vote," he said. "There are some that want to send all 11 million home. That doesn't happen ... Let's just take that off the table."
Let's not.  Bipartisanship is when democrats and Republicans get together to screw the public.
Upton, however, stopped short of calling for a pathway to citizenship, saying, "We need somewhat of a pathway to legal status."
No citizenship would protect Republican politicians (for a while, anyways), but would leave illegals free to take your jobs.

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