Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Another State Senate Candidate

There is another Republican candidate for state senate.

Kalamazoo resident Ron Zuiderveen Jr. announces he will seek state Senate seat
Zuiderveen Jr., who hasn't previously held public office, said in a statement announcing his release that he intends to run as "the people's candidate" because he believes in limited government and personal responsibility.  
Zuiderveen Jr., 46, said a few years ago he was divorced, lost his home to foreclosure and his car was repossessed. He said his handicapped son, Steven, also died around this time.  
But, in the past year, Zuiderveen Jr. says he has rededicated his life to Christianity and felt compelled to run for public office.
His platform isn't too specific, although he sounds fairly conservative.  A first-time candidate is unlikely to beat established politicians such as O'Brien and Wenke, but he could hurt O'Brien if he attracts conservatives upset at her votes on Medicaid expansion and Common Core.

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