Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan

Word on the street is that Congressman Paul Ryan is Mitt Romney's choice for Vice-President. Ryan is the House Budget Committee Chairman. He is young, bright, and articulate. He specializes in fiscal issues, particularly long-term issues, via his "Ryan Budget". He has represented Wisconsin's 1st district since 1998.

Ryan's ACU score is 92%. His Heritage Action score is 75%. His Club for Growth score is 88%. All of these place him to the right of center among house Republicans, though certainly not in the same league as such fiscal conservatives as Jim DeMint or Rand Paul.

Ryan is Catholic, pro-life, and pro-gun (GOA A). He is weak on immigration, with a career grade of C (54%), a recent grade of C+, and a "this congress" grade of B (perhaps he's getting better). This includes good scores for illegal jobs, borders, visa lottery, refugee fraud, and reducing rewards, but bad scores for chain migration, unnecessary worker visas, and amnesty enticements.

Michelle Malkin had a less flattering take on Ryan. Erick Erickson writes that "His departure from Congress would improve both Congress and the Romney campaign". Overall he seems to be a decent pick, though I would have preferred Bobby Jindal.

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