Monday, August 06, 2012

Jack Hoogendyk for Congress

This blog has long supported Jack Hoogendyk. Why? Because Jack supports freedom. Conservatives couldn't ask for more than Jack.

Jack is a true movement conservative. He was twice rated most conservative in Lansing and was close the other years. He has worked for Alternatives Crisis Pregnancy Center, Baptists for Life, Americans for Prosperity, and more.

Beyond this, though, Jack is an activist who has fought for almost every conservative cause you can think of on his own time. Whether it's pro-life, pro-gun, lower taxes, less spending, less regulation, tax reform, opposing amnesty, official English, term limits, Fair Tax, audit the Fed, part-time legislature, traditional marriage, right to work, transparency, MCRI and more. He fought for these causes because he believes in them, not for any personal gain.

He has done the right thing even when it cost him politically. He has challenged several non-conservative Republicans in primaries. He has endorsed other primary challengers, angering some rich and powerful Republicans in the process. He fought against Granholm's tax increases when some Republicans were going soft. He fought for the MCRI when many prominent Republicans opposed it.

His opponent, Fred Upton, has fought for his own power . He has fought against conservatives in Congress and at the local level. He has fought for more spending and bigger government. It's time for him to retire.

The choice is clear. Conservatives have a champion in Jack Hoogendyk.

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