Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2012 Comstock Township Elections

Comstock Township will see hotly contested elections for control of its board in November. The board consists of the Supervisor, Treasurer, Clerk, and four trustees. Democrats hold a 4-3 majority on the board.

Supervisor: Incumbent democrat Supervisor Tim Hudson will not seek reelection. Moderate Republican County Commissioner Ann Nieuwenhuis will face trustee Randy Thompson. Hudson is a 4-term incumbent who most recently beat Republican Sue Fritz in 2008 65%-35%. Nieuwenhuis is a 2-term county commissioner who beat a democrat incumbent in 2008, one of very few Republicans to do so.

Treasurer: Incumbent Republican Chad Meints did not seek reelection. Republican Katheryn DeBruyn defeated Patricia Hoffman in the primary. She will face democrat Bret Padgett, who defeated Katy Hopkins in the primary.

Clerk: Incumbent Republican Anna Goodsell defeated Travis Law in the Republican primary. She will face democrat Sherri Dunfield in the general.

Trustees: The incumbent trustees are democrats Randy Thompson, David Burgess, and Sandra Bloomfield, and Republican Jeffrey Bogema. This year, the Republican nominees are Bogema, solid conservatives Jerry Amos and James Jenkins, and Reginald Kissinger, who finished above last-place Marla Schwartz in the primary. The democrat nominees are Bloomfield, Burgess, Jeffrey Ampey, and Randy Beister, who finished above Randy Beister, Theresa Develes, and Tracy King in the primary.

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