Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Upton Abuses Franking

Congressman Upton has sent out a mailing bragging about his A rating from the NRA. The mailing was paid for by the taxpayers.

Congressman Fred Upton's taxpayer-funded mailer highlighting NRA voting record draws criticism as waste

The practice of using taxpayer dollars to send out mail to a congressman's constituents is called franking. Some franking is genuine information, but a lot of it is campaign literature in disguise. They can't say "Vote for me!", but it has the same look and feel of campaign lit.

Franking may have had a legitimate purpose at one time, but there is no need for it in the age of email and the internet. It has long been one of the advantages that incumbents use to stay in office. Franking should be abolished.

By the way, Upton was hardly pro-gun in the 80s and 90s. He voted for the Brady Bill and responded to a survey saying he opposed concealed carry. Back then the NRA gave him a C. In 2002, Dale Shugars ran against Upton and received the NRA endorsement. Since then, Upton has voted pro-gun, but has never actively advocated gun rights.

Democrat Mike O'Brien calls on Congressman Fred Upton to pay back money used for mailers promoting his 2nd Amendment record
Jack Hoogendyk questions Congressman Fred Upton's use of taxpayer money for mailers
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