Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Kalamazoo Immigration Protest

A group of Kalamazoo high school students staged a walkout on Mayday, the international communist holiday to protest against enforcement of immigration laws.

Immigration concerns prompt Kalamazoo high school students to cut class and protest (video)
Kalamazoo high school walkout shines light on immigration reform

This quote was particularly juicy.
“The laws being created in Arizona — SB 1070 — are making us live in fear. We don’t know if our parents will be here when we come home from school. We drop out because what is the point if we are not guaranteed to be here,” said Leal, whose parents came to the United States from Mexico.
This is Michigan, not Arizona. And if you worry that your parents might be arrested, TELL THEM TO STOP BREAKING THE LAW.

Leave and don't come back.

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