Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sean McCann's Smear Campaign

Late Thursday night, State rep. Sean McCann presented rep. Margaret O'Brien, Speaker Jase Bolger, and Senator Tonya Schuitmaker with a proclamation to honor a 'gay rights' activist. They declined, given the fact that they had not had time to read and study it.

Kalamazoo Gay Lesbian Resource Center questions why Jase Bolger, Margaret O'Brien and Tonya Schuitmaker did not sign proclamation for LGBT advocate
Michigan House Speaker Jase Bolger's office says he did not have time to review second proclamation honoring LGBT advocate
YWCA director said she's 'surprised how bias, hate and homophobia are alive in our community' after LGBT advocate snubbed

It was a set-up. Someone, probably McCann, created a controversy with the Gazette and local 'gay rights' groups. The first story appeared on Friday morning. McCann likely knew that Margaret, Jase, and Tonya would be traveling to the Michigan Republican convention on Friday afternoon and wouldn't have time to respond immediately.

Sean McCann created this controversy to divide people. In case it wasn't clear before, he is an unprincipled hack.

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