Monday, December 12, 2011

WMU CR alum's latest column

Hey everyone, I've been writing a few articles for a number of places across the nation. My latest has been published on Here's a short preview:

It seems that a number of conservatives won’t be getting what they want in 2012. Far too many conservatives are defining the current presidential pack as less than inspiring. What followed was a number commentators and pundits hoping that someone with experience and a solid conservative record would jump in and save us all from the mediocrity they saw in the current field.

For the past few months, I’ve heard nothing but comments like “Sarah Palin needs to run,” and “Marco Rubio would be prefect!” Ann Coulter even joked about taking away Chris Christie’s inhaler until he ran. But the window has come and gone for people to join in the race, and there’s a lot of disappointment with many now talking about 2016.

It’s as if all the hoopla surrounding the race for the White House has caused us to completely forget the fact that there are other elections taking place in November.  One third of the Senate seats and the entire House of Representatives will be determined by voters in November.  There are also numerous state and local elections taking place across the nation. That’s a sizeable chunk of our government that cannot be ignored.

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Conservative First said...

Great to hear from you again, Dan! Don't be a stranger!

I'm not a fan of the current field, but you are certainly right that there are plenty of other races to focus on.