Monday, December 26, 2011

Who are the "Michigan Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility" and why do they support Fred Upton?

Radio ads in Southwest Michigan are touting the supposed fiscal conservatism of Congressman Fred Upton. The ads praise his work on the "Supercommittee" and claim that Upton was picked because "he's a tough conservative", instead of his insider connections. Of course, the supercommittee didn't accomplish anything, though the fact that they didn't raise taxes can be seen as a victory.

The ads are run by an outfit called "Michigan Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility". Who are they? Their FEC filing lists the people sharing control and Stephen Linder and Jeffrey Timmer. They are both also listed as owners of the Sterlling Corporation, a major Republican political consulting firm in Michigan. The group had previously run ads in 2010 (presumably) attacking Gary Peters, Mark Schauer, and Gary McDowell.

MCFFR seems to be a "SuperPAC" that is not required to disclose its donations. The organization does not appear to have a website.

It would seem that some wealthy person or persons, who may not actually be citizens of Michigan, paid the Sterling Corporation to run ads praising Upton through a front group that doesn't actually exist except on paper. Listeners are advised to be skeptical.

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