Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best Articles of 2011

It is time for the best articles of 2011. These articles were selected from roughly 10,000 articles this year. More than 400 articles appeared in this year's 52 POLITICAL UPDATES.

The economy and the government were the most frequent topics, inspiring seven updates each. Immigration and the culture war were tied with six each.

Here are the ten best articles of 2011.

Victor Davis Hanson: Two Californias
Gary North: Facebook, Twitter, and the Arab Revolutions
Steve Sailer: Census 2010: Hispanic Hype, Black Backwash, White Flight
Thomas Sowell: Voting with Their Feet
Steve Sailer: Obama and Osama: Can We Go Home Now?
Gary North: College: Why It Is Not a Bubble
Gary North: London Riots: What Nobody Dares to Say
Federale: Obama Regime's Administrative Amnesty: Impeachment Is The Only Answer
Gary North: Too Many Eurozone Summits
Victor Davis Hanson: Vandalized Valley

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