Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Who is Grant Taylor?

Democrat Grant Taylor, who is running as a write-in candidate for the 61st district state house seat, was on the Jay Morris show on Tuesday.

07/27/10 - Hour 2: Democratic State House candidate Grant Taylor
Write-in candidate for Michigan House contributes nearly $106,000 to own campaign
Democrat Grant Taylor drops out of race for state House's 61st District after learning of residency rule
Democrat Grant Taylor to run for Michigan House's 61st District after dropping bid for Kalamazoo County Board

Much is unknown about Taylor. It is known that he is 26 and comes from a political family, as both his father and brother are county commissioners. He moved to the 61st district one day before the filing deadline, which was too late to get on the ballot. He states that he is treasurer of "MAC House charities", an organization that doesn't seem to have any presence online. When asked (see 20:45) about it, he admitted that this is a volunteer position. Hence he is currently unemployed.

When asked about his education, he states that he "went to college in Chicago". He doesn't say what college he went to. He doesn't say that he graduated college, only that he 'went to' college. He doesn't say what he studied. He has stated that he has "experience in finance and accounting ".

Taylor is currently flooding the 61st district with mailings to convince voters to write him in for state rep. His campaign finance report indicates that he has raised $111,000, of which $106,000 is from himself. How did an unemployed 26-year-old get that much money? According to an article in the Kalamazoo Gazette,

Grant Taylor, 26, liquidated as well as borrowed against some of his shares in Clarke Power Services Inc. to pay for the donations, said Jeff Parsons, his campaign manager.

Taylor’s father helped found the Cincinnati-based company.
So basically the money came from his father.

So who is Grant Taylor anyways?

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Dan said...

I also heard Grant Taylor was a gun grabber. That was from a reliable source.