Monday, July 19, 2010

Mike Cox for Governor

Attorney General Mike Cox is the clear choice for conservatives in the race for Governor of Michigan. Of the five Republican candidates, Cox is the most conservative and probably the most effective and most electable.


After serving as a Marine and prosecutor in Wayne County, Cox first sought office when he ran for Attorney General in 2002. He upset state senator (now Congressman) Gary Peters in a very tight race, and was reelected easily in 2006, increasing his margin in what was generally a terrible year for Republicans.


Cox has championed many conservative and populist causes as Attorney General. He has filed suits, written briefs, and issued opinions that promote conservative causes.

Cox was one of many attorneys general to file suit against Obamacare, arguing that it is unconstitutional. He has opposed Blue Cross/Blue Shield when it acted against the best interests of consumers in Michigan.

Cox endorsed the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI) in 2006. The MCRI ended racial preferences in government hiring, contracts, and college admissions. He was the only one of the five Republicans running to endorse it. Most prominent Republicans either opposed the MCRI or did not take a position. Cox stood up to the big corporations and unions opposing the MCRI. It passed with 58% of the vote.

Cox issued an opinion upholding a law requiring a voter to show identification at the polls. This overturned a previous opinion issued by democrat attorney general Frank Kelley. This ruling helps to protect the integrity of Michigan elections.

Cox issued an opinion prohibiting illegal aliens from receiving drivers licences. This makes illegal immigration more difficult and hence helps to protect Michigan jobs, cut down on crime, eliminate government benefits for illegals, and protect Michigan roads from dangerous drivers. Cox has also submitted a brief supporting Arizona's immigration law and defending the powers of states to pass such laws against the power of the federal government.

Cox has signed a pledge not to raise taxes (unlike Snyder or Hoekstra until recently). Not only that, but he has outlined 4 billion in spending cuts and pledged 2 billion in tax cuts. This would help to cut Michigan government down to size. Cox is endorsed by the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

Cox is pro-life. He is the only candidate to be endorsed by Michigan Right to Life. He is co-endorsed by Citizens for Traditional Values.

Cox is pro-gun. He is endorsed by Gun Owners of America and Shooters Alliance for Firearms Rights. He has greatly expanding concealed carry reciprocity with other states, allowing Michigan citizens to carry in other states. He overturned several anti-gun opinions issued by Frank Kelley. He filed briefs with the Supreme Court supporting gun owners' rights in the Heller and McDonald cases that overturned the Washington, DC and Chicago gun bans.

Cox has issued a detailed plan for what he would do as governor: Mike Cox's Plan


Mike Cox is arguably the most electable Republican candidate in the race. He is the only candidate to have been elected statewide. As noted above, he has been elected twice, including in 2006, a terrible year for Republicans. The other candidates have been elected at most in small portions of the state.

To win Michigan, Republicans need to do well amongst white, blue collar union members in areas like Macomb County and the Upper Peninsula who often vote for democrats. To this author, Cox seems to have the best profile to accomplish this. (And he has already done this in past campaigns, unlike the other candidates.)


Mike Cox is the right choice for Michigan conservatives for governor.

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