Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jack Hoogendyk for Congress

Incumbent 6th district Congressman Fred Upton is being challenged for the Republican nomination by former state rep. Jack Hoogendyk. When considering ousting an incumbent, examining his record is key. Nobody questions that Upton is hard-working. But his record shows that he is not a conservative.

Examining Upton's ten worst votes should give plenty of reason not to support him:
Fred Upton's Ten Worst Votes

Jack's campaign website contains more information on Upton's record:
Compare the Candidates

In addition, note that Upton has voted for a number of gun control measures in the past, including the Brady bill. He also supports 'comprehensive immigration reform', including a 'path to citizenship' for illegal aliens, which not only gives them amnesty but actually rewards their lawbreaking.

Upton's record speaks for itself.

How about Jack Hoogendyk? He is a principled conservative. He was often named the most conservative member of the state legislature. He not only opposed tax increases, but he actively fought against them. He actually voted against increasing spending, unlike most of his colleagues. He is not only pro-life, but ran the Alternatives crisis pregnancy center. He is pro-gun, against amnesty, pro-marriage, and more.

Jack is the real deal. He has been endorsed by Right to Life, Citizens for Traditional Values, Concerned Women for American, Shooters Alliance for Firearms Rights, Republican Liberty Caucus, and more. He has earned the support of all conservatives.

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