Saturday, May 24, 2008


This update focuses on civil liberties. Authorities in Texas recently seized over 400 children from a religious sect in Texas without evidence. An appeals court ruled that the seizure was illegal. The anniversary of the Waco massacre recently passed. Government threatens civil liberties in many ways.

Joseph Farah: Abuse of Power in Texas
Lew Rockwell: But What About the Children?
JH Huebert: Beware the Amtrak Security Scam
Ericka Anderson: States Bi-partisanly Oppose Real ID -- Still
Anthony Gregory: Why Waco Still Matters
Chuck Baldwin: There Must Never Be Another Waco!
James Bovard: The Martial Law Act of 2006
William Anderson: Obey Your Masters in All Things
Wilton Alston: Who’s Listening In on You?
Joseph D'Agostino: Children of the State

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