Friday, May 16, 2008

After the Deadline: Updates

Michigan allows candidates up to three days to withdraw after the election, and several have, necessitating a few changes to the previous after the deadline posts. As always, the 2008 Election Preview has been updated.

Republicans managed to file a few last minute candidates, reducing to nine the number of house seats that they are not contesting, all but one in Detroit.

Former State Rep. Jerry VanderRoest has withdrawn from the 63rd district race, giving Jase Bolger the nomination, and almost certainly the election.

Democrat Alan Brown has withdrawn from challenging Julie Rogers in the 61st district. The democrats must have gotten to him. (Also, he did live in Portage, not Pontiac.)

The guy who was challenging John Conyers in the 14th Congressional district has withdrawn.

The 105th district has nine withdrawals. Is this a record?

Jack Downey has been planning to run for office for a long time. The SOS website shows that he filed for the 24th district in 1946. Clearly an error, but still amusing.

College student Jake Smith has withdrawn from challenging county commissioner Brian Johnson. This is too bad, since this race promised to offer lots of amusement.

The challenger to Treasurer Mary Balkema is a democrat, after all.

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