Sunday, November 25, 2007

Survey seeks student opinion on living wage

The WMU Department of Student Affairs has created a survey online regarding the controversial topic of living wage on campus. WMUGOP Vice Chairman Matt Moss has been very active in voicing opposition to the living wage, from putting up an amendment in the student senate and attending a meeting of the Board of Trustees regarding the matter. I'm confident that Moss will be able to mobilize voters in the poll seeing as he is a Ron Paul supporter, and we all know how much Ron Paul people love online polls.

Questions being asked:

Do you feel that WMU should require its contractors to pay a “living wage” ($9.50 per hour with health insurance; $11.50 without health insurance)?

If WMU adopted a policy requiring its contractors to pay their non-WMU employees a living wage as defined above, should it be funded by surcharging WMU residence hall occupants $100 per academic year?

For more information or to vote in the poll (you must have valid BroncoNet ID to vote) click HERE

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Dan Roth said...

I tried voting. Apparently alum can't vote.