Monday, November 05, 2007

National Conservative Organizations

These are a few of the many national conservative organizations.

Eagle Forum
American Conservative Union
Christian Coalition
John Birch Society

Right to Life
American Life League
Pro-Life Action League

Focus on the Family
Focus on the Family Action
Family Research Council
Concerned Women for America
American Family Association
Traditional Values Coalition

Gun Rights
National Rifle Association Gateway
National Rifle Association (Institute for Legislative Action)
Gun Owners of America
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Minuteman Project
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps
Numbers USA
Federation for American Immigration Reform
US English

Home School Legal Defense Association

Club for Growth
Americans for Tax Reform
Citizens Against Government Waste
National Taxpayers Union
National Right to Work

Eagle Forum
America's Survival
John Birch Society
Americans For Sovereignty

Accuracy in Academia
American Council of Trustees and Alumni
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
Intercollegiate Studies Institute
Leadership Institute
National Association of Scholars
Students for Academic Freedom
Young America's Foundation

General Think Tanks
Heritage Foundation
Cato Institute
American Enterprise Institute
Hoover Institution
Independent Institute
Mises Institute
Acton Institute

Specialized Think Tanks
Center for Immigration Studies
Media Research Center
Accuracy in Media
Discovery Institute
Institute for Creation Research
Center for Security Policy


MDHichborn said...

My name is Michael Hichborn, and I'm the media director for American Life League. I noticed that you have posted articles from us before in the past, and I was wondering if we could send out video releases to you for posting on your blog. I have recently established a regular webcast for American Life League, and I would be most honored if you would share it with your readers as they come out (every 2 weeks). If you are interested in this, please e-mail me at
Thanks, and God bless!

Ben said...
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R. W. Gipp said...


My pen name is R W Gipp, and I am a conservative teacher who just self published a political satire comprised of 101 quatrains - over 400 lines of sing-song rhyme.

Although it is "fictional," it could be considered conservative, pro Reagan, Pro life, a defender of Bush and scathing of liberals - especially "the two headed dragon."

I would be interested in advertising on your site if I can. Please contact me at or through the contact form at


RW Gipp (The ClintArk - An American Shame)