Saturday, August 25, 2007

Michigan Conservative Blogs

Michigan Conservative Blogs:

Kalamazoo Area Blogs:
The Western Right
Core Principles (Jack Hoogendyk)
Kalamazoo County Taxpayers Association
Kalamazoo Objectivist

A Conservative Teacher
AFP Michigan
Akindele Unleashed
The American Princess
Apologies Demanded
Beer and Firkins
Blog of Bodnar
The Blog Prof
Bloggin On Down the Rogue
Bottom Up Politics
Capitol Confidential
Carpe Diem
Congressman Thad McCotter
Congressman Tim Walberg
Conservative Digest Weekly (Political Updates)
Conservative Perspective
The Classic Liberal
Classical Values
Core Principles (Jack Hoogendyk)
Crippy's World
Daddy Blogger
Daily Grit
Danian Michael
Dave Lambert
Debbie Schlussel
Designated Conservative
Dr. Sanity
Duke over America
Enjoying Home Schooling
Everyone Takes Their Turn
Five Ws
Fool Me Not
For a Better Day (Wendy Day)
For the Good of the State
The Grand Rapids Pundit
The GRCC Conservative
Grammy Cracker's Crumbs
Hall of Record
Hello Michigan
Hey Bear!
Hinzsight Report
Jack McHugh's Blog
jenneration X
The K12 Reformer
Keepin the Faith
Kalamazoo Objectivist
Kalamazoo Taxpayers Blog
Keith Almli
Kevin Elsenheimer
Koss Country
Liberal Nutcase News
Life Beat
Life with Mr. O
Live Dangerously
Local Area Watch
Lola Sez
Mad Puppy
Michigan Conservative Dossier
The Michigan Partisan
Michigan Redneck II
The Michigan Review Blog
Michigan Taxes Too Much
Michigan Watchdog
Motor City Times
MTA Blog
Muskegon Pundit
The Other Club
Plain Truth
The Provocateur
Reform Watch
Republican Michigander
Republican Ranting
Right Cuz
Right Michigan
Right Wing Reform
The Roebuck Report
The Rougblog
Russ Gibb at Random
SFE Blog
The Shekel
The Stoecker Factor
Students for Life Blog
The Suburban Voice
That’s Saul, folks!
Toxic Taxation
Trying Liberty
Vets 2 Vets
The Voice of One Crying Out in Suburbia
Wade’s Conservative World
The Wandering Wolverine
Wayne County Taxpayers Blog
The Western Right
Who Knew?
Wizard of Laws
The World According to Me
Worthless Crap

Blog Graveyard:
Michigan Conservative Dossier
Spartan Spectator
Carrying On, Unabashedly
Chetly Zarko Research (Power, Politics, and Money)
Smash Left Wing Scum
Lunchbucket Conservative
Oakland Politics
Outside Lansing

If there are any more that deserve to be added, post them in the comments.


Chetly Zarko said...

I notice you have me listed in this post, but no on the blogroll.

Zarko Blog at

or "Power, Politics, & Money"


PS-I've added you to my roll.

live dangerously said...

Just found your site through Right Michigan. Nick has put my blogs up a couple of times "in the Sphere" I was wondering if you could put me on your blog roll under "Conservative Blogs" After your perusal of course. Thanks.

Live Dangerously -- http:.// ---
Bottom Up Politics
Thanks, BTW nicely organized site.

live dangerously said...

Sorry, about the link in my previous comment. I had a (.) where it didn't belong. my Live Dangerously site should be
Thanks again LD

The Chef said...

After all of the talk from the Obama campaign about how many young voters they have on board, it is wonderful and refreshing to see this website. I hope you all can help sway Michigan for McCain.

We would like to be included in your links. If you would like to use our logo, please e-mail me at for the code.

I am adding you to our Friends on the Net page and our Colorado page.

Thank you!
"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people... of the characters and conduct of their rulers." John Adams