Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Democrats versus illegals?

From Mlive:

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — State House Democrats on Monday said they want to crack down on companies that hire illegal immigrants and give tax incentive preferences to businesses that hire only Michigan workers.

Companies that hire illegal immigrants could get their state contracts canceled and be barred from getting future state work. Companies that hire illegal immigrants also could lose the tax incentives they've been awarded for creating jobs.

"Michigan tax dollars should not fund grants or tax incentives for businesses that hire people from other states and countries when Michigan residents have the training and expertise and need those jobs," Rep. Fred Miller, D-Mount Clemens, said in a statement.

The Democratic proposal would require businesses with contracts for construction of state buildings to hire 100 percent of their workers from Michigan. The current requirement is 50 percent, House Democrats said.
This effort to restrict the hiring of illegal aliens, if true, is very good news. Have the Democrats finally gotten the message on illegal immigration?

Restricting contracts to only Michigan employers seems like a bad idea. In doing so, the state may reject lower bids that will save taxpayers money. The difference between hiring out-of-state Americans and illegals is that illegals impose costs on society through crime and government spending that out-of-staters don't.

Perhaps next the Democrats can pass Jack Hoogendyk's bill to make English the official language of Michigan.


Anonymous said...

This is why your party cannot be trusted after what they've done: said...

People from coming after you? You're doing alright!


Anonymous said...

Did you even bother to watch the video Nick or are you just feeling good about your ignorance?

Matthew said...

I watched the video and I'm not surprised. Lets examine the premise of why we initially went to war: the WMDs. Bush, the congress, the America public, and all the coalition force nations that came with us pretty much accepted the premises that:

a) Saddam Husein had weapons of mass destruction.
b) Saddam Husein was willing and able to use these WMDs on the US or its allies.
c) The shortfalls that Cheney speaks of in the video are worth it to prevent Saddam from using these WMDs.

The problem isn't that we "knew" the situation would end up in a quagmire, the problem is that the "worth it" premise didn't end up panning out.

Lets not forget that the major democratic candidates aren't exactly anti-war. Clinton is hawkish on Iraq and Obama can't help but saber-rattle at Pakistan.

I fail to see how watching that video will "help end Dick Cheney's quagmire in Iraq," nor how the Dems are offering us a solution to the situation in Iraq.

Needless to say, I did not donate to I do suggest, however, a donation to the Club for Growth.