Wednesday, July 23, 2014

John Bippus for State Representative

The best choice for conservatives in Michigan's 59th state house district is John Bippus.

The district is being vacated by moderate Matt Lori due to term limits.  The district contains all of St. Joseph and the majority of Cass Counties.

There are four Republican candidates to replace him.  John Bippus is a St. Joseph County road commissioner and former county commissioner.  Roger Rathburn is the Three Rivers school superintendent.  Bob Sills is a former legislative staffer and Republican activist.  Aaron Miller is a teacher.

Bippus is solely endorsed by Michigan Right to Life, which means that at least one of the other candidates in the race is not pro-life.  Voting for one of the other candidates risks splitting pro-life vote and allowing a pro-abortion candidate to win. 

Bippus is tied (with Miller) for the highest pro-gun rating from NRA and MCRGO.  Bippus is a fiscal conservative who privatized a county-run nursing home during his time on the county commission.  He is worthy of conservative support.


Voice of reason said...

Are you kidding me?!?!?! Because the Right to Life organization does not endorse a candidate, they are considered pro-abortion. SHAME on you for using such double-think! Everyone of the candidates in this race is a Pro Life candidate. To say or imply otherwise is a lie.

Conservative First said...

Someone else in the race (I've heard it is Rathburn) does not meet all of Right to Life's criteria. It is easy for politicians to call themselves "pro-life", even if they are not solid on the issue.