Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cindy Gamrat for State Representative

The following is an (edited) message from former state rep. Jack Hoogendyk.


There is a hotly contested primary race in Allegan County; the election is one week from today. Two women are running for the Republican nomination in the 80th district seat currently held by conservative Christian, Bob Genetski. He has represented his district well over the last six years. His principles and ideals and his voting record have reflected the principles and ideals of his district.

Bob has stated that Cindy is a good conservative and spoke at her event last week.

Before Bob Genetski, Fulton Sheen served the 80th district for six years. During that time, he was rated one of the most consistently conservative members in the legislature. He too, represented Allegan County well. Fulton Sheen is wholeheartedly endorsing Cindy Gamrat for state representative.

Next week, voters in the 80th district have the opportunity to carry on that tradition by electing Cindy Gamrat as their Republican candidate for state representative.

As someone who served six years in the state legislature, right alongside Fulton Sheen, and as virtually the only legislator to ever be rated MORE conservative that Fulton Sheen, (we traded that honor back and forth!), I can tell you that the right choice for the 80th district is Cindy Gamrat and that is why I endorse Cindy Gamrat for state representative.

I know Cindy Gamrat and I can confidently encourage voters of the 80th district to cast your ballot for Cindy Gamrat next Tuesday. Whether you live in the district or not, you can help. Knock on doors for Cindy this week and say a prayer for her as she continues working hard to earn the vote in Allegan County.
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