Saturday, February 15, 2014

Stephanie Moore's Rap Sheet

Kalamazoo city commissioner Stephanie Moore, Kalamazoo County's most embarrassing politician, is considering running for county commission.

Kalamazoo City Commissioner Stephanie Moore considering run for county board
Kalamazoo planning commissioner Rico White to run for county board

To review her rap sheet:

Analysis of Kalamazoo City Commission Races

Before her election, Moore was convicted of several crimes, including embezzlement, when she was a community organizer for ACORN.
Moore, who is serving her first term as a city commissioner, pleaded guilty in 2005 to misdemeanor embezzlement from the Fannie Lou Hamer Project, a national nonprofit voting education foundation she headed. Michigan State Police records also show that in 1983 Moore, then 17, was found guilty of misdemeanor retail fraud and in 1998 she pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor nonsufficient funds charge.
She was arrested and pled no contest to interfering with a police officer in Battle Creek and spent a short time in jail. There was also a controversy about firemen filling her swimming pool for free.

What Did Stephanie Moore/Bell Know?

In 2011, her then husband, Terrence Bell, was charged and convicted of child abuse.  There were allegations that Moore may have known, or should have known, about his activities.  She defended him while his trial was ongoing, but divorced him after he was convicted.

None of this seems to matter to the voters of Kalamazoo, who have now elected her to the city commission four times.

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Unknown said...

COMMISIONER Moore is a good person. Things happen and she's turned her life around so I give her credit for doing so. Life is difficult for blacks making no excuse for crime we are more often predisposed to it. She's over come her trials and has moved on and doing well