Friday, February 21, 2014

Great Achievements in Arson

Lola Atkinson, vice president of the Kalamazoo NAACP, has been charged with attempted arson.  She was the 2012 YWCA woman of achievement award winner.  She was apparently caught in the act preparing to burn down a house that she owns, likely for an insurance scam.  There have previously been several other suspicious fires in houses that she owned.

NAACP vice president Lola Clark Atkinson one of two suspects charged with attempted arson in Kalamazoo
NAACP president says he holds vice president Lola Clark Atkinson, charged with attempted arson, in 'highest regards'
'Significant' evidence ties Lola Clark Atkinson to attempted arson, Kalamazoo police chief says
Lola Atkinson paid tenant to vacate house as part of arson plan, Kalamazoo detective testifes
Lola Clark Atkinson arrest prompts Kalamazoo police to re-examine 1998 arson that killed boy, 5

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