Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mark Brewer Implicated in Fake Tea Party Scandal

In a comment on the Michigan Liberal blog, Michael McGuinness, former Oakland County democrat chairman, has confessed and implicated democrat party boss Mark Brewer in the Fake Tea Party scandal of 2010.

Past Swept Under Carpet

Brewer is currently being challenged for the chairmanship of the Michigan Democrat Party for reasons that aren't really clear to outsiders.

RightMichigan's Jason Gillman, who was instrumental in exposing the Fake Tea Party, analyzes the post.

Fake Tea Culprit Implicates MIDem Chair

I had raised the possibility of Brewer's involvement at the time.

Fake Tea Party Exposed, Defeated
We know Oakland County democrat chairman Mike McGuinness, who is only 26, and his roommate Jason Bauer, their executive director, were involved. What we don't yet know is if democrat party boss Mark Brewer was behind the whole thing. Given how amateurish the whole operation was, maybe he wasn't.

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