Friday, September 03, 2010

Fake Tea Party Exposed, Defeated

The Michigan Supreme Court drove a stake through the heart of the fake tea party, ruling 5-2 to affirm the board of canvassers' ruling denying it a spot on the ballot. The Republicans and democrats Davis and Cavanagh were the majority.

Meanwhile, in a case of real journalism, the Free Press provides an even larger mountain of evidence that the fake tea party was a democrat party operation from the beginning.

Michigan Tea Party has some Democratic ties

We know Oakland County democrat chairman Mike McGuinness, who is only 26, and his roommate Jason Bauer, their executive director, were involved. What we don't yet know is if democrat party boss Mark Brewer was behind the whole thing. Given how amateurish the whole operation was, maybe he wasn't.

We also don't yet know who paid the costs of the paid petition gatherers and the fake tea party lawyer.

Meanwhile, real tea partiers should redouble their efforts to elect conservatives in November.

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