Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Sangren Hall

On Friday, Western held the official opening ceremony for new Sangren Hall.

$60-million Sangren Hall completion celebrated by Western Michigan University and political leaders

The building is certainly nice.  It cost $60 million, which was not without some controversy.

It has four floors, all of which have classrooms.  There are lecture halls on the bottom floor.  The education library is on the second floor.  There are offices for various education departments on floors 2-4.

As far as I noticed, there were only two elevators in the middle of the building.  There were an oddly large number of emergency-only exits.

There are bulletin boards, but they are not easy to spot, as they look like walls and are not the usual color.

Overall, new Sangren is a very nice replacement for the dumpy old Sangren.  HHS is still the nicest building on campus, though.

The expanded Lee Honors College and pedestrian mall also look good.  I still have concerns about traffic flow though.

Campus Improvements Obstructing Traffic

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