Friday, July 27, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises may not be the most conservative movie ever, but it's definitely in the running.

When the initial trailer teased a class warfare theme, conservatives kinda assumed it was too good to be true.

(Spoilers!) Batman basically fights the Occupy Wall Street Movement.  OK, it isn't called that, but it clearly is.  In one scene, they attack the stock exchange.  Near the end, the police battle the mob ON WALL STREET.

The main villian, Bane, manipulates the mob by appealing to class warfare.  He villifies the rich, and the mob loots their houses and drags them into the streets.  I kept imaginging Bane giving Obama's "You didn't build that" speech; it would have fit perfectly.  While promising the give the city back to the people, he has an even more sinister agenda.

The movie was clearly inspired by the French Revolution.  There is a scene reminiscent of the storming of the Bastile.  The mob establishes show trials for the rich and police where guilt is assumed and the sentence is always death.  Naturally, the mob's revolution pretty much wrecks society.

Ann Coulter should love this movie, as it illustrates many of the themes in her most recent book Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America.

Besides this, the movie also endorses more general conservative values of duty, redemption, courage, sacrifice, and truth.

Plus, it's got Batman, flying cars, explosions, and Catwoman.  Go see it.

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