Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jim Youngs, RIP

Jim Youngs, a moderate Republican who served as Kalamazoo County Clerk 1982-1996, has passed away.

Former Kalamazoo County Clerk Jim Youngs dies at age 79
Archive: Jim Youngs profile from 1997 Kalamazoo Gazette
Former Kalamazoo County Clerk Jim Youngs remembered as dedicated GOP leader
Youngs is still a staunch Republican, but partisan politics ends at the front door of his office. He has repeatedly refused special assistance to Republicans who have tried to appeal to his political affiliation.

He said he has told his successor, Timothy Snow, also a Republican, elected in November to replace him: ``Your biggest problem is going to be dealing with your own party.''

And, although he's a Republican, he has frequently voted for Democrats.

``I'm one of the biggest ticket-splitters there was, '' he said.

Youngs said he has voted for Democrats Richard Austin and Frank Kelly for secretary of state and Michigan attorney general.

``I've voted for Howard Wolpe a number of times, '' he said.

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