Monday, June 28, 2010

Right to Life Endorsements

Michigan Right to Life has made its endorsements. RTL endorsements carry great weight in Michigan Republican primaries, as the RTL endorsed candidate usually wins. RTL does not endorse when all the candidates are pro-life. But if there is a credible candidate who isn't pro-life, they will endorse someone, even when there are other pro-lifers in the race.

RLM PAC Endorsements (continues on succeeding pages)

For governor, they endorsed Attorney General Mike Cox, as reported previously.

For Congress, the only significantly contested race in which RTL endorsed in the 6th district, where they support Jack Hoogendyk over incumbent Fred Upton. Upton is the only incumbent Republican in Michigan (state rep or higher) who is not RTL-endorsed.

For state senate, they endorsed:
Patrick Colbeck in the 7th district (Western Wayne) (who in that race isn't pro-life?)
Jim Marleau in the 15th district (NE Oakland) (why not John Garfield?)
Mike Kowall in the 15th (SW Oakland)
Dave Robertson in the 27th (West Genessee, NW Oakland) over Fran Amos (good)
All meet criteria in the 20th, 21st, and 24th in Southwest Michigan.
All the endorsees should now be considered favorites.

For state house, some endorsements of note:
Margaret O'Brien in the 61st (West Kalamazoo) (uncontested primary)
All meet criteria in the 79th (North Berrien)
Aric Nesbitt in the 80th (VanBuren) (who isn't prolife?)
Mike Callton in the 87th (Barry, Ionia) (who isn't prolife?)

RTL endorsed the same two candidates in the contested races in 80 and 87 as the Chamber of Commerce. Curious.

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