Monday, June 28, 2010

Chamber of Commerce Endrosements

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce has announced its endorsements. Not many voters base their decisions on the CoC endorsement, but it can be valuable for fundraising.

Endorsement Watch (State senate)
Michigan Chamber State House Endorsements

Most of those endorsed for state senate are current or former state reps. In southwest Michigan, notable endorsements include Tonya Schuitmaker in the 20th district (Kalamazoo County) and John Proos and Rick Jones in less competitive primaries in surrounding counties.

For state house, they endorse Margaret O'Brien in the 61st, which is no surprise in an uncontested primary. They also endorsed Aric Nesbitt in highly contested primary in the 80th (VanBuren County) and Mike Callton in the 87th district (Barry, Ionia). They endorsed Upton staffer Al Pscholka against his Tea Party challenger Paul Petersen in the 79th (north Berrien).

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