Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good for Rick Jones

Good for Rep. Rick Jones, who will introduce legislation to stop speed traps.

Bill proposed to outlaw speed traps

Jones is a former Eaton County Sheriff. Jones pulls no punches in calling speed traps the scam that they are.

State Rep. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, said communities are preying on motorists by keeping speed limits too low. His legislation would force cities, townships and villages to conduct speed studies to properly set limits in accordance with Public Act 85 of 2006.

"My reason for the legislation is simple -- to end this practice of speed traps," Jones said. "There are speed traps all over the state, and under my bill, the communities that are putting these speed limit signs up would have to comply with the state law and do it right."


Jones, a former Eaton County sheriff who spent 31 years in law enforcement, said most officers don't like writing tickets for speed trap violations.

"I've worked traffic, and as a former officer I think these speed traps are outrageous," he said. "Any police officer can find plenty of cars to stop without resorting to that.

"Any officer with integrity wants nothing to do with a speed trap. They should be totally illegal, and there's no excuse for them. They're a money grab, plain and simple."

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