Saturday, January 24, 2009

Perpetual Student

The Gazette profiles a perpetual student.

Twenty-seven degrees and counting: Kalamazoo man enjoys the 'freedom' of intellectual pursuits

KALAMAZOO -- You might say Michael Nicholson has a passion for learning.
The 67-year-old Kalamazoo retiree has amassed 27 college degrees since 1963, and he's not done yet.

He started with a bachelor's degree in religious education at William Tyndale College in Detroit. That led to a master's degree in theology at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Since then, he has earned two associate's degrees, 19 master's degrees, three specialist's degrees and one doctoral degree.

He's currently pursuing two master's degrees at Grand Valley State University, one in health administration and the other in special-education administration.

Nicholson has 10 master's degrees, a specialist's degree and a doctorate from Western Michigan University, which the registrar's office reported is the most degrees awarded to any one person in the school's history.
There is an interesting discussion in the comments. One person asks the obvious question.

Who's paying for all these degrees?
Learning is a fine hobby, but should you really get state-subsidized degrees if you never intend to use them? Particularly when they are in practical skills like administration. Why not just read books?

Perhaps some day this blog will beat his record.

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