Saturday, January 31, 2009

Obama Screws Michigan

President Obama had dealt another blow to Michigan's economic prospects. With the "Big Three" automakers already on the verge of bankruptcy, Obama issued an executive order to allow states including California to regulate cars on the basis of their supposed contributions to global warming.

Elections and Consequences: UAW to get what they voted for, if not what they wanted
West Michigan auto suppliers, environmentalists have mixed reaction to Obama order on emissions

The regulations being pushed by the environmentalists in California would further damage the Big Three both absolutely and relative to foreign automakers. They will damage the economy as a whole, particularly in Michigan.

California, which is so broke that it is planning to start issuing "IOU's" to pay its bills, should not be regulating anything.

As RightMichigan points out, this is what Michiganders who voted for Obama voted for, if not what they wanted. House democrats previously unseated Michigan democrat John Dingell from his post leading the House Energy and Commerce Committee in favor of radical leftist Henry Waxman of California.

(In case anyone is wondering, this plan is not federalism, as the federal government is not giving up any power to regulate business.)

And this is all to support the fraud of global warming. (See this post for more information: The Truth About Global Warming.)

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It's OK though, team, because the President and Congress want to borrow $5.5 billion from the Chinese just to give to Michigan as a one-time "stimulus."

And Jennifer Granholm and John Cherry tell us they have 150,000 construction jobs that are "shovel ready" in the next 180 days. Granted, when I hear the phrase "shovel ready" I assume that means that they're ready to use shovels, not so freaking unprepared they need a half a calendar year before they pick up the darned tool, but whatever... 150,000 jobs!

And if you believe that I've got a city on the SE side of the state to sell you.