Sunday, November 12, 2006


This POLITICAL UPDATE focuses on the 2006 election. Republicans lost badly at all levels. Voters rejected the corruption scandals, idealistic intervention in Iraq, profligate spending, and open borders. Voters rejected the Republican party, not conservatism.

Robert Novak summarizes the losses and explains the reasons for them.
Marc Rotterman explains that conservatives should reject neoconservatism.
Ivy Sellers shows that voters rejected big government spending.
John Hawkins explains the factors that led to the Republican loss.
Pat Buchanan explains why voters rejected Republicans.

The election will impact several specific issues.
David Kopel explains the impact of the election on gun rights.
Gun Owners of America also analyzes the election results.
Mark Krikorian analyzes the impact of the election on immigration.
Stanley Kurtz says that marriage won on election day.

I analyze the results for the gubernatorial race, the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, Michigan races, and local races.

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