Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Political News

A few short items:

1. The state House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill to prevent illegal aliens from receiving taxpayer funded scholarships, grants, and mortgages. It isn't entirely clear from this item, but it appears that this would not affect a privately funded illegal alien scholarship like the First Step Scholars program.

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Bob Gosselin. He is currently running for State Senate in the Troy/Royal Oak/Bloomfield Hills area and faces a tough primary. Conservatives should rally behind his campaign.

2. Apparently, John McCain is attempting to buy support in Michigan. He is donating $100,000 and spreading it around to all the district and local parties in the state. This moves comes as Michigan moves up its primary to attract more attention in 2008.

3. The Mayday counterrevolution continues to gain momentum.

4. Pro-lifers continue to make progress. A new poll shows that a majority (54%) of Americans want to ban abortion in most cases. The poll also shows that many people do not understand what Roe v. Wade actually did.

Thanks to Human Events' blog The Right Angle for items 2-4.