Sunday, January 26, 2014

How do You Keep 'em in Detroit?

Steve Sailer asks the obvious question about Governor Snyder's plan to repopulate Detroit with immigrants.  How do you keep 'em in Detroit once they've seen Paree Oakland County?


U.S. Border Unenforceable, But Detroit's 8 Mile Road Is Airtight?

To encourage other Americans to move to Detroit would be racist, so the white Republican governor of Michigan is attempting to elect a new people in Detroit by demanding from the Obama Administration special visas for immigrants to Detroit, whom it would be racist to question. 
From the New York Times:
The  white Republican governor of Michigan is attempting to elect a new people in Detroit.
Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan on Thursday announced plans to seek federal help in bringing 50,000 immigrants to the bankrupt city over five years as part of a visa program aimed at those with advanced degrees or exceptional abilities in science, business or the arts. 
Under the plan, which is expected to be formally submitted to federal authorities soon, immigrants would be required to live and work in Detroit ...

We are constantly told that the U.S. border, unlike say the Finnish or Israeli border, is impossible to enforce. Yet 8 Mile Road, the northern municipal boundary of Detroit, is apparently seeded with landmines or something because nobody seems to wonder how the new visa-holders will somehow be corralled permanently in Detroit instead of quickly moving to Birmingham, MI or Ann Arbor or San Diego or some other place in the U.S. nicer than Detroit.

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