Monday, May 27, 2013

My Immigration Plan

1. Secure the borders with a real fence like what Israel has.  Beef up the border patrol.  Use, drones, motion detectors, etc.
2. Establish a system to track entry and exit so we know who is the country.  Track whether foreign students, workers are where they are supposed to be.
3. Mandate E-verify.  Crack down on employers who knowingly hire illegals.
4. End all government benefits for illegals (including IDs).  No welfare for non-citizens.  Use E-verify to check.
5. 1-4 will cause most illegals to leave over time.  Deportation should focus on those with criminal records beyond  immigration violations and those who openly flaunt immigration laws.
6. No amnesty/legalization EVER for anyone who crossed the border illegally as an adult.
7. Reduce legal immigration.  Focus on entrepreneurs and those sectors with genuine shortages of workers (which can be identified by quickly increasing wages).
8. Require legal immigrants to be fluent in English and knowledgeable in basic civics, US history, etc.
9. End chain migration and the diversity visa.  End birthright citizenship.  Limit and reform refugee admissions (which are mostly fraudulent).
10. After 1-9 have been accomplished, then, and only then, should we allow a "path to citizenship" for illegals who were brought here as minors.

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