Friday, April 05, 2013

Student Fees Hiked Again

The WSA election results are in, and not surprisingly, student fees will be hiked again.

Student leaders 'elated' by peer vote to save Western Michigan University's newspaper, radio station
Students vote to pay fees supporting media groups and aviation peers at Western Michigan University
Students voted to implement a new student media fee, increasing tuition for every undergraduate student by $5 per semester to support three on-campus media groups. Some 63 percent of the students voted for the fee.


About 61 percent of 1,348 students also voted for the Equality in Transportation Initiative of 2013, which asked students to raise tuition by $8 a semester to pay for shuttle transportation to Battle Creek for students in WMU's College of Aviation.
So that means that voter turnout was 5.48% of Western's 24,600 students.  Thus 3.45% and 3.34% of Western students voted for these fee increases, but all students will pay them in perpetuity.

Unfortunately, the election played out as this blog expected.
Students already pay fees for the Student Assessment Fund and the Sustainability Fund.  Student fee increases usually pass due to very low turnout elections in which supporters are more motivated to turn out than opponents.
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