Sunday, March 10, 2013

Portage Needs to Regulate!

From the Gazette:

Portage looking to enact ordinance controls on growing number of donation boxes

PORTAGE, MI – Regulations controlling the proliferation of donation boxes in Portage are up for a public hearing at Tuesday’s Portage City Council meeting.
The donation box ordinance amendment has been discussed since last fall and went through Planning Commission hearings and approval. It involves the 25 for-profit and non-profit collection boxes around town that take donations of everything from clothing to books.
So what's the problem?
“While the city has not experienced notable problems or citizen complaints associated with the various donation boxes , discussion has ensued regarding potential public health, safety and community quality concerns associated with the donation boxes,” said City Manager Maurice Evans in a recent report.


“I thank the staff for their diligent work,” said Councilman Jim Pearson at a recent meeting. “If more boxes do pop up at least we have regulations in place.”
So there is no problem, but Portage is going to put extra burdens on charities just in case.

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