Saturday, October 27, 2012

2012 Michigan Pre-General Fundraising Reports

Fundraising reports for Michigan elections have been filed.

Moroun puts $31.3M into Prop 6 campaign
Michigan House Speaker Jase Bolger spent $108,000 for reelection bid in past 2 months, challenger Bill Farmer has raised $20,000
Candidates for Kalamazoo County offices raise $262,000 combined this election cycle
Kalamazoo County Fundraising Spreadsheet

Republicans are supposed to be the party of the rich, but that hasn't translated into local fundraising. Democrats have outraised Republicans in four of the five countywide races.  Only Republican prosecutor candidate Scott Pierangeli outraised his opponent, Jeffrey Getting.

In the county commission races, only two Republicans (Iden and Tuinier) outraised their opponents.  Several uncompetitive races saw no fundraising.  The one county commission race attracting a lot of funding is Dave Worthams v. Julie Rogers in the 5th district.

In local state house races, we have:
60 Perrin (R) 1K, McCann (D) 55K Safe D
61 O'Brien (R) 46K, Martin (D) none Safe R
62 Behnke (R) 62K, Segal (D) 91K Safe D
63 Bolger (R) 259K, Martin (D) 20K Lean R (from Safe R)
66 Nesbitt (R) 91K, Rajkovich (D) 2K Safe R

Other competitive state house races:
17 Rossio (R) 3K, LaVoy (D) 29K Safe D (from Lean D)
23 Somerville (R) 148K, Boritzki (D) 71K Tossup
25 Clark (R) 74K, Yanez (D) 108K Tossup
39 Kesto (R) 163K, Jackson (D) 54K Lean R
41 Howrylak (R) 79K, Kerwin (D) ?? Lean R
52 Ouimet (R) 333K, Driskell (D) 179K Lean R
57 Jenkins (R) 141K, Schmidt (D) 106K Lean R
64 Poleski (R) 107K, Shelton (D) 21K Safe R (from Lean R)
67 Oesterle (R) 81K, Cochran (D) 102K Tossup
70 Outman (R) 176K, Huckleberry (D) 78K Lean R
71 Schaughnessy (R) 199K, Abed 95K Lean R
76 Schmidt (D/R) 120K, Brinks (D) 106K Safe D (from Lean D)
84 Dan Grimshaw (R) 29K, Terry Brown (D) 96K Lean D
85 Glardon (R) 78K, Ray (D) 20K Lean R
91 Hughes 199K, Lamonte (D) 125K Lean R
97 Johnson (R) 106K, Breznau (D) 19K Safe R (from Lean R)
99 Cotter (R) 135K, Lawrence 16K Safe R (from Lean R)
101 Franz (R) 98K, O'Shea (D) 113K Tossup (from Lean R)
106 Pettalia (R) 129K, Hubbard (D) 55K Lean R
108 McBroom (R) 113K, Gray (D) 99K Tossup (from Lean R)
110 Huuki (R) 118K, Dianda (D) 97K Tossup

Updated Ratings:
Safe D: 44
Lean D: 1
Tossup: 6
Lean R: 10
Safe R: 49

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