Monday, February 20, 2012

Clearing the Drain Commission

Republican Kalamazoo County Commissioner Nasim Ansari will challenge democrat incumbent Drain Commissioner Patricia Crowley. Ansaii has been a commissioner for ten years representing northern Portage. Before that, he was on the Portage city councilman.

Kalamazoo County Commissioner Nasim Ansari to challenge Drain Commissioner Patricia Crowley

Ansari's district was cut in half in redistricting, and was placing in the same district as John Zull (not Phil Stinchcomb, as the article says, unless Ansari recently moved). Ansari is a tough campaigner who held a competitive district for a decade. (He may well have more name recognition than Crowley, who was swept in on the 2008 democrat wave.) That said, I suspect that this race will go to whichever party does better overall in 2012.

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Jay said...

Nasim should be able to overcome any wave. Crowley is like Mary Powers-lite.