Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snyder Appoints Democrat WMU Trustee

Who did our new governor Rick Snyder appoint to the WMU Board of Trustees?

Gov. Rick Snyder re-appoints Ken Miller to Western Michigan University's board, also appoints Dana Debel

KALAMAZOO — Gov. Rick Snyder re-appointed Western Michigan University Trustee Ken Miller on Tuesday to another eight-year term on the university’s governing board.
Miller is the businessman who is behind the push for a downtown arena financed by taxpayers, supposedly for 'economic development'. It's no shock that Snyder would like him.

No Arena, for Now
Dome of Deceit
Arena of Conflict
Forum of Discontent

Who else did Snyder appoint?

Snyder also appointed Dana Debel of Ann Arbor.

Debel, 33, replaces William Martin, who served a single eight-year term.

Debel is the director of state and local government affairs for Delta Air Lines and holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree from Michigan State University. She once worked as a policy adviser to former Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

Debel named WMU trustee, Miller reappointed

Director of state and local government affairs for Delta Air Lines, Debel previously served as a policy director for former Gov. Jennifer Granholm from 2003 to 2007, primarily in the areas of environmental and energy policy. She earned both a bachelor's degree in environmental studies and a Master of Business Administration from Michigan State University.
So Debel is a lobbyist who didn't go to Western and isn't a Republican. She also lives in Ann Arbor, not Kalamazoo. So why exactly did Snyder appoint her?

It's one thing for Snyder to appoint democrats like Andy Dillon to positions in the executive branch, where they can be told what to do and replaced if necessary. Appointing a democrat to an eight-year term on a university board is quite another. Western's board desperately needs some local Republicans after eight years of Granholm appointees. Debel's appointment is inexcusable.

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