Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010: The Year at Western

2010 was a fairly quiet year at Western, at least politically. Neither the College Republicans or the various leftist groups on campus made much noise.

Preparations continued all year for a privately funded medical school at Western. An interim dean was appointed and candidates for dean were interviewed.

A bill was introduced in the state house to eliminate the last elements of the Baptist heritage of Kalamazoo College. It passed the state house but was not taken up by the state senate.
The Betrayal of Kalamazoo College

President Dunn suffered a mild heart attack. Governor Granholm signed the bill to expand a business park into Colony Farm Orchard.
Local News

The local Tea Party group had a town hall at Western on health care.
Health Care Town Hall

The Herald was very, very wrong about the WSA.
Wrongest Statement Ever in the Herald?

The few Western students who voted supported the sustainability fee proposal.
Another Green Scam

Never forget America First Day.

There was some sort of controversy over the WSA presidential election.
Local News

A Western student was sued by a local towing company after criticizing its dubious business practices on Facebook. The lawsuit was dropped in December.
Local News

WMU College Republicans Endorse Margaret O'Brien

Western reached a contract agreement with the part-time employees union.

What does the MSA stand for?
Muslim Students Association

Earthquake at WMU

The Board of Trustees approved a 7.4% increase in tuition.
Local News

A local professor wants to talk about race, then calls people racist if they disagree with her.
Local News

This blog defended, then graduated, hopefully for the last time.
Piled Higher and Deeper
Congratulations, Graduates!

Western began construction on the new Sangren Hall despite only having secured part of the funding from the state. Further funding fell through in the legislature, and Western threatened to raise tuition by 3% to compensate.

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