Sunday, August 08, 2010

Money on Fire

It's time to ask the burning question: Which local candidate set fire to the biggest pile of money in the 2010 primary election?

The three contestants are Mark Totten, Lorence Wenke, and Grant Taylor.

The contest will be decided based on the the number of dollars spent per vote. (Note that spending totals are based on pre-primary spending reports, so the final ratios will be larger.) Let's look at the numbers!

Mark Totten
Spent: $126,754
Votes: 3876
Dollars per vote: $32.70 per vote

Lorence Wenke
Spent: $249,534
Votes: 8371
Dollars per vote: $29.81 per vote

Grant Taylor
Spent: $53,655
Votes: 737
Dollars per vote: $72.80 per vote


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